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StudioWedBox Team

We are entrepreneurs at heart. For most of our adult life, we have owned our own businesses and worked together. When we started our wedding planning company, Verge Events, in Asheville, NC in 2005, we never could have imagined as to how far and how much it would grow, and how it would eventually shape our lives. We watched Verge grow organically, from word of mouth and referrals, eventually leading to us building a strong team of planners and planning 40-50 weddings a year. During this time, after planning hundreds of weddings, we realized our love for the wedding community and those amazing individuals, mostly who are also entrepreneurs, who loved creating their art for couples every weekend. But there was something missing …a gap that needed to be filled. Knowing that there had to be an answer to this, we started along the path of a boutique bridal studio. A fun, inspiring place where wedding professionals could meet their clients, and couples could find their “wedding team” as we like to call it. And thus, StudioWed was born.  Never in a million years did we dream what StudioWed would turn into. We opened our flagship studio in April of 2008 in Asheville, NC, and over the next few years opened StudioWed’s in Atlanta, Georgia, Denver, Colorado, and Nashville, Tennessee. And there begins the family. In every studio we visit, we always hear the term, “The StudioWed Family.” And that, at the heart of it, is what we are.

Welcome to the StudioWed Family! We appreciate you stopping by!