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StudioWedBox Frequently Asked Questions



What can I expect to find in each box?

In your StudioWedBox you will find a mix of 4 -5 full size and sample items in your box. Every so often you might receive a bonus item as well!

Who is curating these boxes?

We are wedding professionals. The team has been in the industry for over 10 years now! For more details about us, check out our “about us” tab.

What brands can I expect to see in each box?

The best of the best! We test out all our products and only suggest what we know and love in the wedding industry. We try to keep our boxes as gender neutral and non-discrimative for anyone who would like to sign up.

I’m signing up for 6 months, should I sign up for the 1st 6 months or last 6 months?

It depends on when you are getting married. If you have been engaged for a while already, and have started planning, then sign up for the last 6 months. If you just got engaged, and haven’t really started planning, then sign up for the 1st 6 months.

When will I receive my StudioWedBox?

We ship out all our boxes during the week of the 15th. You should receive your StudioWedBox within in 2-3 days once they leave the studio. For international shipping, you should receive your boxes within 1-2 weeks.

I live internationally, will I have to pay a VAT fee?

In Canada, no you will not. Depending on your country you may have an added vat fee. Unfortunately we do not have control over added tax fees internationally.

How can I change my address since I have moved?

Just shoot us an email, we will take care of making your change of address.

Can I include a note since it is a gift?

Of course you can! Just input your note in the “notes” section when at the check out page.

When will my credit card be charged?

Your card will get charged the same day you signed up for of each month.

How can I cancel my subscription?

Oh no! We are so sad to see you go! If you are on a monthly subscription subscriber, you can cancel your subscription by emailing us through our site. A StudioWedBox team member will get back to you right away. If you have signed up for a 6 month or 12 month subscription, unfortunately we can not cancel your subscription. By committing to 6/12 months subscription you will receive a big discount, which makes it unfair for our monthly subscribers if you can cancel.

My box came and something is broken in it, what should I do?

Email us through our “contact us” tab. We are happy to help, and will try and fix your issue asap.

How can I feature my brand in StudioWedBox?

We love new product suggestions! Email us through our “contact us” page. Someone will get back to you as soon as possible.